Welcome to Ecoproduct.in

Our Story 

Ecoproduct.in was co-founded by Mom and Son Duo. Ms. Smita and Mr. Siddhesh  in 2018 and with strong support of Miss Khushbu. It was started with the aim to bridge the gap between the Manufacturer and customers for the best quality of Eco-friendly, natural and chemical free products and to provide best quality of before and after sales service to people.


After doing researches and even by our personal experience we realize there are many websites that  are selling Eco-friendly and Natural Products but there was problem

  • - Quality of products was unknown and there was very minimal opportunity to quantify the same.
  • - There was no before and after sales service.
  • - The impact on nature and society was unknown.


“I have ordered for the 1st time a Natural shampoo from one of the websites for my mom. It was good and my mom liked it. We thought to again order the same shampoo but this time the quality was not up to the mark, same happened for even the 3rd time we were shocked like each time we had to compromise the Quality even by paying the same money.”



       We thought this might be an issue not only with us but also with many customer’s, so to solve this issue we laid the foundation of a website Ecoproduct.in which aims to make the best quality of Eco- Friendly, Natural and Chemical free product at your doorstep directly from the Manufacturers. We believe people should get what they are paying for without compromising the quality of the product and service.


Why and What's unique about ecoproduct.in?

 “From my childhood we used only Natural and Ayurvedic product be it personal care or home related product, as we knew Nature have given us the best, but these days getting these Natural products was difficult, so we realize why to struggle on this when we can solve 1000’s of people issue and give people many varieties at one place”


Our philosophy is pretty simple. It’s in our motto, sustainability and upliftment of the society, both simultaneously.

 For us Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  By not creating harm to nature. 

By not being cruel to Environment and Mother Earth. 

People these days are using products which they see in advertisements and don't even realize or check the Ingredients used in the product. 


When you purchase any product on any website or shopping mall do you check its ingredient?

Many times, your answer will be No….


    But do you know many of these products are so harmful and Chemical based, which might give fast results but can work as slow poison to yourself.  These chemicals are not only harming People lifestyle but destroying and creating harm for Nature.


Thinking about social welfare we realize it's time to make people aware of Eco-friendly products, Natural and Chemically safe products. 


    We also aim to uplift the society we have realized in India there are many skilled Artisans but the issue is these skills are unrecognized and they don’t have any such platform where they can market their lovely products. We support such skilled labourer’s to earn their livelihood, by making their wonderful handcrafted products list on our website. We have many Advisai skilled labour who are making lovely handcrafted Bamboo home decor products



Also do not forget to check our social responsibility section to see our social impact.




Why to choose or Shop from Ecoproduct.in? Or what's in it for you?


“I think it’s a Place for all. Consumer, Manufacturers, Mother Nature and technology”



Benefits you will get by joining ecoproduct family: - 


  1. You won’t have to go to different places for a variety of products. You can shop all your Personal to Clothing to Home related products at one place.
  2. You will receive product at your door steps from trusted Companies/ Manufacturer without quality comprising 
  3. Your time is important for us. We will always ensure you receive product on time.
  4. For us Customer’s query is important, be it before sale or after sale. We have a very dedicated team of employees who look after all your queries and you can connect us on 08042783588  you can also email us on resolution@ecoproduct.in
  5. We are aware that getting consultation or recommendation about the product from a specialist based on the issue or problem is very costly, but we provide free consultation by our specialist who guides you based on your issue. You can get connected with them from our customer care number 08042783588


Team Behind Ecoproduct.in


We have a strong Management team which have good leadership knowledge, experience and more importantly passion for solving problems related to the environment in a sustainable, impactful, and enriching manner. 


All team members have the same vision and work with the same dedication and passion. 

Ms. Smita – Founder.

She was 60 years of age when she started Ecoproduct.in. She was a housewife before starting this business. She was very passionate in her young age to do something for society and nature. But after marriage and family and kid’s responsibilities she had to let go her dreams. But at this age she realized and made an effort to bring change in her life and even in society with help of his Son.


Mr. Siddhesh - Co-Founder

Mr. Siddhesh is CS by profession, but he always wanted to do something for society at large

In his young age during college days, he started working for society welfare. He is also the founder of NGO "Green Genesis". His main aim is to always do better  for humanity, uplift society and help people earn their livelihood but at the same time protect nature.

In Spite of many oppositions from Family and Friends in the very early stage of business This mother and Son duo kept on going. And started a Brand Ecoproduct.in which thinks of people  and Nature.


Miss Khushbu - Manager 

She is one of a strong team member with the same passion to do something for Nature and people. She had faced many rejections and objections from People around her. But with the help of her Family and passion she was able to live for her dream. She has been a strong pillar.

Mr. Salman – Head I.T Team

We have strong I.T team members who are working great under the supervision of Mr Salman. They are mostly there 24x7 so people don’t face issues on our website and they make sure that site works efficiently all the time.