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About the Product -

  • Ubtan, traditionally, is the oldest and most pure form of a cosmetic that was ever created.
  • It's regarded as one of the most sacred ayurvedic cosmetics that has healing properties
  • Ubtans are 100% natural cleansers that have been used for clear beautiful skin, for centuries in India. 
  • Ubtan Soap is a gentle exfoliating treatment that is prepared with a myriad of sun-dried and hand-pounded precious herbs.
  • Ubtan soap is rich in exotic herbs from the hills of India.
  • This revitalizing wholesome cleansing soap is being used for Abhyang Snan (Holy Bath) as well as beauty ritual for Indian Brides. 100% Natural Hand crafted soaps collection using real ingredients, essential oils .
  • Transform the shower to a everyday skin care using soaps made from natural ingredients.
  • Goodness of rich herbs packed into bars for a superior and relaxing shower experience.

Specifications -

  • Brand - Bubble 
  • Product Name – Ubtan (Utna) Bar
  • Best For – Glowing skin, Tanning, Clear skin, Young skin, Facial Hair, Acne
  • Quantity - 200 Grams
  • Organic - Yes 
  • Ideal For - Men & Women (Even for Kids above age 5 years)
  • Composition -  Liquid Soap Base, Ubtan Fragrance, Ubtan Powder, Almond Oils Vitamin E Oil
  • Type - Soap
  • Skin Type - Suits all skin Type


  • Stimulates the underlying tissues of the skin
  • Gives a natural glow to the complexion
  • Prevents the occurrence of premature fine lines
  • Improves skin texture for a smooth & radiant finish
  • Lightens pigmentation.

More Benefits: -

  • Get That Glow

Ubtan is a natural face mask that’s filled with loads of goodness. When applied regularly, it leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. The gram-flour is a great exfoliator and sandalwood or chandan powder makes the skin smooth. The milk helps to lighten the dark spots on the skin that makes the skin look bright, spot-free, and gives you that glow.

  • Gives Clear Skin

So many of us suffer from skin problems like uneven skin or pigmentation, acne scars etc., well, ubtan is your one-stop-solution to get the clear, flawless skin that you always wanted. In fact, ubtan for body can be used to reverse the skin damage caused by extreme sun exposure.

  • Makes You Look Younger

This super ingredient is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-oxidative properties, and makes the skin appear more youthful by retaining the lost moisture from the skin and treating flaky-dry skin, which is a sign of aging

  • Removing Facial Hair

A gentle and regular facial scrub with ubtan can help remove facial hair naturally and safely. It is a very effective and inexpensive way to get rid of that peach fuzz on the face. In fact, back in the olden days, newborn babies were massaged with special ubtans to remove their body hair permanently.

  • Prevents Acne

Ubtan not only makes your skin’s texture soft and smooth, but it also has some medicinal properties that help reduce acne. Haldi (turmeric) and chandan (sandalwood) have anti-bacterial and antifungal properties that help minimise acne by keeping the underlying infection in check.


Note: Any slight irregularities are distinctive and are inherent to the color and shapes of our soaps as it is precisely crafted by hands.

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