Vitamin Therapy Professional Face Pack

Vitamin Therapy Professional Face Pack is crafted with an effective blend of Black Grapes Extract and Vitamin A, C and E that absorb extra oil and re-hydrates the skin.

Benefits of Key Ingredients Black Grapes Extract, Vitamin A, C and E help to:

  • Increase firmness of skin.
  • Cleanse the skin and opens the pores by removing dirt and dead skin cells.
  • Fight acne and its recurrence.
  • Prevents darkening of the skin because of sun-tan.
  • Improve skin complexion


Questions & Answers from Product Expert


Question: How long do you leave a face mask on?

Answer: For approx. 15-20 mins.


Question: How often should I wear a face mask?

Answer: It is recommended to use a face mask around 2-3 times per week.Make sure you moisturize afterwards as you don’t want to dry out the skin.


Question: When is the best time to use a face mask?

Answer: There isn’t exactly a certain time of day that works best. It is more to do with preparation, time to complete your skincare routine and whether you require make-up. The most conventional time to use a face mask is in the evening. Before you apply the mask, you need to completely remove your make-up, cleanse the face and exfoliate.


Question: Should I wash my face after removing Face Mask?

Answer: Yes, you need to wash your face after removing face mask, with plain water. No soap or face wash should be used.