Natural Dish Wash Pack of 3 (550ml Each)

EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Dish Wash is made of premium quality of Soap nut (Sapindus sp) and Shikakai (Acacia concinna) which are traditionally known natural surfactants. It is effective and safe to wash, removes sticky food, food smell, oil residues, stains etc., retains the quality of utensils.  EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Dish Wash made of biodegradable ingredients, free from chemical surfactants, parabens and bleaching agents. It is safe on hands, mild on skin, and easy to use. It is low lather product, hence consumes less water for rinsing and washing of utensils. 


  • Aqueous solution of active botanical surfactants- 60%
  • Aqua- 38%
  • Natural thickening agents, food grade preservatives and fragrance – 2%

Directions to use:

Add few drops of EcoSwachh 3RTM Natural Dish Wash liquid in to a bowl and dilute with water as required. Mix the solution well and use the soft scrubber for good lather while cleaning. For tough grease and stains apply the concentrated solution to the scrubber and use directly on the utensil. 

Store in cool and dry place. For external use only.

Question and Answer from our Product expert

1] Is EcoSwachh 3R Natural Dish Wash Safe for Hands?

Ans. Yes, EcoSwachh 3R Dish Wash is Safe on hands because the formulation does not contain any harmful chemical ingredients. It does not cause any corrosion and irritation on skin, burning sensation on hands unlike regular chemical-based dish wash products. 

2] What are the major ingredients used in EcoSwachh 3R Natural Dishwash?

Ans. EcoSwachh 3R Dish Wash is made of Aqueous extract of Soapnut, Shikakai, active principles of Lemon and Tamarind. It is an efficient natural alternative for synthetic dish wash solutions. 

3] Is EcoSwachh 3R Natural Dish Wash cleans oil and sticky food from my vessels?

Ans. Yes, EcoSwachh 3R Natural Dish Wash removes oil and sticky foods from the vessel very effectively. The active ingredient from Soap Nut & Shikakai and active principles from Lemon & Tamarind helps in removing oil stains, persistent food stains from the utensils. 

4] How can I use EcoSwachh 3R Natural Dish Wash for regular utensils cleaning?

EcoSwachh 3R Natural Dish Wash is concentrated liquid formulation which can be diluted for 4-5 times and use it for cleaning all the types of utensils. 

5] What should we do for more oily utensils which do not clean with the diluted solution of EcoSwachh 3R Dish Wash?

Ans. The utensil with more oil stains may be hard to clean by diluted solution of Dish Wash, then apply concentrated Dish Wash liquid and scrub it thoroughly to remove persistent oil stains. 

6] Is Natural Dish Wash good for Copper vessels and Earthen Pots?

Ans. Yes, the natural surfactant from Soap Nut & Shikakai and the goodness of lemon & tamarind extract in it is an effective solution for cleaning copper and earthen pots while synthetic dish wash products corrode the copper utensils and damage earthen vessels. Also, EcoSwachh 3R Dish Wash can be used for cleaning pooja articles and silver articles.

7] Whether Natural Dish Wash is suitable for Dishwasher?

Ans. EcoSwachh 3R dish wash is made for manual cleaning of utensils. We have not completed the trail for using dish wash in the dishwasher machine. But you can try using the EcoSwachh 3R Dish Wash in the dishwasher machine with prior precautions and advice from dish washer manufacturers. 

8] If accidently EcoSwachh 3R Natural Dish Wash comes in contact with the eyes, hands or the skin or if ingested, what is advisable?  

Generally, EcoSwachh 3R Natural Dish Wash does not cause any irritation on skin, hands and when spills into eyes. The active ingredient in it Soapnut and Shikakai may cause little irritation to eyes as it is pungent, while it does not cause any harm to skin. In case of accidental contact with eyes or skin, wash the affected area immediately with plenty of water. If ingested, rinse the mouth with water. Seek medical advice if any allergy or any adverse symptoms are observed. It is meant only for Dish Wash, keeping it closed and out of reach of children.