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Who does not wish to have hair that is long, strong and super voluminous? Hair is considered to be the crowning glory and it is only natural that everyone wants healthy and lustrous hair. But because of various factors like pollution, lifestyle habits and age; hair thinning, dandruff and balding are some common problems that people have to deal with.

All these hair concerns when combined with stunted hair growth, can leave you with short unhealthy hair with little chance of healthy hair growth. The biggest offender against hair growth is a dirty, congested scalp.

But don’t give up just yet as we have something super easy yet effective in store for you. There are various natural ingredients that work best in cleaning away residue and buildup, thus nourishing your scalp faster and leaving you with stronger and radiant hair.  One such amazing ingredient is onion. Onions are rich in sulfur, which helps in strengthening your hair. It is a natural source of Quentin, a powerful antioxidant that protects and repairs the follicles. Moreover, it contains sulfur that helps in nourishing hair follicles by enriching keratin and maintaining a healthy scalp condition.


Ingredients - Aloevera, Onion Extract, Hibiscus extract, rosemerry essential oil, Tea tree essential oil, Lavender essential oil and special herbs 

It doesnot contain any strong smell of Onion due to special mixture of Essential oil.

Benefits -

  1. It Encourage hair growth 
  2. Reverse Hair greying 
  3. Moisturize scalp
  4. Calm itchy scalp 
  5. Treat alopecia 
  6. Quell dandruff 

How to use

  1. Apply on gel on scalp and massage on scalp for 15min before sleeping.
  2. Let it rest overnight 
  3. Wash your hair in morning with mild Natural Shampoo and apply serum 

Note- If you have lot of hair fall or dandruff issue than even use our Special aloevera gel 



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