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About the Product-

  • Coffee scrubs can be a pretty useful skin care product for various skin types, including Oily skin and Dry skin.
  • A unique face and body scrub that invigorates and enlivens your skin with freshly brewed coffee cocoa extracts Frankincense essential oils.
  • It buffs away dryness and gives a glowing complexion.
  • It reverses skin damage and brightens skin. Coffee Brown Sugar Scrub is enriched with Brown Sugar that clears away dead skin cells, gives a smooth complexion and gives a radiant glow.
  • Coffee that reverses skin damage, fights ageing and improves texture.
  • Just as drinking coffee can help make you feel more energized, when used in skin care products, coffee can help energize the look of your skin

Specifications -

  • Brand - Bubble 
  • Product Name – Coffee & Cocoa Sugar Scrub
  • Best For  Skin tonner, Skin Moisturizer, Anti Aging , Exfoliate Dead skin, Skin Tan, Acne, 
  • Quantity - 50 and 100 Grams
  • Organic - Yes 
  • Ideal For - Men & Women (Even for Kids above age 15 years)
  • Composition - Coffee , Cocoa, Sugar and special essential oils
  • Type - Face Scrub
  • Skin Type - Suits all skin Type

Benefit of Coffee and Cocoa Sugar Scrub -

  •  It reduce inflammation
  • It improve Blood Circulation
  • It gives youthful, radiant skin
  • It remove dead skin cell
  • It reduce puffiness
  • It Improve Skin Texture
  • It reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • It add glow to your skin


How To Use

  1. Wash or wet your Face
  2. Take Required amount of scrub
  3. Then, gently massage the face scrub onto your skin using tips of your fingers
  4. and rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water before patting dry.
  5. Use your chosen face scrub three times a week for best results.


Note: Any slight irregularities are distinctive and are inherent to the color as it is precisely crafted by hands. Please keep the container in a refrigerator since there are no added preservatives.


Question and Answer from Product Expert

Question- What is the main benefit of Coffee, Cocoa and sugar Scrub?

Answer- Our scrub is made of pure finely grind Coffee, Coffee and sugar along with special essential oil and Vitamin E. It helps to say goodbye to dead skin cells, blackheads, dullness and roughness. Embrace a body that’s soft, smooth and radiant.


Question- Why should I exfoliate skin?

Answer- Our body sheds dead skin cells on a regular basis, which if not removed can lead to a host of skin issues like dullness, roughness and patchy skin. We need to regularly unclog the pores to keep the skin fresh. Exfoliation helps in the process.


Question- Why coffee, Cocoa and sugar Scrub?

Answer- Coffee stimulates blood flow, is an effective exfoliator, reduces cellulite and fights free radicals.Cocoa powder contains antioxidants that fight off free radicals. Free radicals rob oxygen from skin cells to balance themselves


Question- How many times do I scrub in a week?

Answer- Scrubbing is advised twice a week for effective and visible results.


Question- What skin type is it suitable for? Can I use it for sensitive skin?

Answer- In this scrub we use very fine particles of coffee and are suitable for normal to oily skin types. For dry skin, we recommend using a moisturizer after the use for perfect glow.


Question- Can I use a body scrub on my face?

Answer- It can be used on Face and on the full body too.


Question- What do I need to do before and after scrubbing?

Answer- Before scrubbing, gently cleanse your face/body with a mild cleanser. Seal the deal after scrubbing with a moisturizer or body lotion to close the open pores and to provide added nourishment to the skin.


Question- Is it for Men or women? Can kids use it?

Answer- It's designed in a special way so it can be used by both men and women. Kids above age of 12 years can use it



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