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About the Product -

  • Camphor is a flammable translucent solid with a strong fragrance.
  • It is commonly found in the puja room and has been used in many pain balms for centuries.
  • Camphor is readily absorbed by the skin.
  • It creates a cool sensation
  • Camphor has antifungal and antibacterial properties that may help in alleviating some skin-related issues like itching and irritation
  • Camphor can increase collagen and elastin production in dermal fibroblasts to aid wound healing. 
  • It is also an effective anti-wrinkle ingredient
  • Camphor can be used to relieve pain and swelling.
  • Camphor can be used as a treatment for minor burns
  • It can be used to remove the burn scars as well
  • Camphor has the potential to treat acne. 
  • Camphor is also used to relieve eczema and control itching. 
  • Camphor has been found to be effective in treating nail fungus because of its antiseptic and antifungal properties
  • Can soften your cracked heels and keep your skin moist and prevent cracks from occurring.
  • Camphor contains certain anti-inflammatory compounds that could help provide relief from rashes


Specifications -

  • Brand - Bubble 
  • Product Name –Bhimseni Kapur Shower Gel
  • Best For Relieve eczema , control itching, Treat Acne and burn scars , Anti-wrinkle 
  • Quantity - 200 Grams
  • Organic - Yes 
  • Ideal For - Men & Women (Even for Kids above age 12 years)
  • Composition - SLS & Paraben Free Face Wash base, Bhimseni Kapur , Essential Oils Etc
  • Type - Shower Gel
  • Skin Type - Suits all skin Type

Benefits -

  • May Relieve Skin Itching and Irritation
  • May Alleviate Pain
  • Soothe Burns
  • Treat Acne
  • Treat Eczema
  • Good For Cracked Heels
  • Soothe Skin Rashes
  • Treat Fungal And Bacterial Infections


Questions and Answers from Product Experts 
Question - Is it suitable for winter??
Answer- Yes , it's quite refreshing. It can be used in all seasons 
Question - Is it safe to use Bhimseni Kapur Shower gel for Skin?
Answer- Yes , In Ayuverdic study Camphor has been found to be effective in treating nail fungus because of its antiseptic and antifungal properties. Treat Fungal And Bacterial Infections
Question - Is it suitable for Sensitive Skin?
Answer- Yes , it's suit all skin type. If you have Fungal And Bacterial Infections than you can use this shower gel
Question - Is it for Men or Women
Answer- It design for all skin type so it can be used by Men and Women
Question - My kid is having Skin Rashes can i used for him?
Answer- Yes it can be used for kids above age of 6 years and if he is having much issue than do consult with doctor before using

Question- Is this shower gel natural and safe for my skin?

Answer- Yes is made with completely natural ingredients and hence safe to use without any side effects.

Question- Do it Contain strong smell? 
Answer- It doesn't Contain very strong smell, but its smell help to uplift your mood after each bath.
Question - Can this body wash be used for face?
Answer- Normal body wash need to be used for body and not on face


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