Herbal Dental Paste | Bleeding, Sore Gums, Oral Cavity, Mouth Ulcers , 100 % Vegetarian, Fluoride-free | Eco Product



About the Product

  • Herbs & More Ayurveda, Herbal Dental Paste is a vegetarian, Fluoride-free and authentic Proprietary 
  • Ayurvedic product with medicinal properties for complete oral care.
  • It controls bad breath, strengthens gums and teeth, and removes plaque and oral cavities, while gently cleanses the mouth.
  • Herbal Dental Paste is also effective in treating infammation of the gums, mouth ulcers and sensitivity.

Specifications -

  • Brand - Herbs and More (Netsurf)
  • Product Name - Herbal Dental Paste
  • Quantity -  125 Grams
  • Organic - Yes, Ayuverdic
  • Ideal For - Men & Women (Even for Kids above age 4 years)
  • Composition -  Aloe Vera , Neem, Lodhra , Laung , 
  • Type - Tooth paste

Benefits of Key Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera: Useful for gums as it carries antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Full of Vitamins and minerals it helps in the development of cells and treating mouth ulcers.
  • Neem: Eliminates bacteria that cause cavities and inflammation of the gums.
  • Lodhra: Strengthens the gums.
  • Laung: Helps to enhance freshness in breath and relieves tooth ache.


Questions & Answers from Product Expert

Question: Does this toothpaste contain sls, sles or glycerine?

Answer:  No


Question: Does this toothpaste contain sls, sles or glycerine?

Answer:  No


Question: Can 3yr old kid use this toothpaste? Is this Toothpaste for kids?

Answer:  No, it can be used for kids above age of 4 years and above


Question: Does it have fluoride?

Answer:  No, it does not have fluoride.


Question: Does this toothpaste also work for sensitive teeth?

Answer:  This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent dental problems due to any reason. This product helps nourish the gums, cleanses the tartar and gives you a clean and fresh mouthfeel.


Question: Does this product help in whitening of teeth?

Answer:  This product doesn't give the whitening effect to teeth but it cleans the teeth and removes the tartar.


Question: Can this product be used for babies? Is there any specific age limit for kids?

Answer:  Herbs & More Herbal Dental Paste can be used by kids above three years of age. However, parental monitoring is advised to prevent accidental consumption of the paste.


Question: Will there be any problem if I swallow the product?

Answer: The product is not for consumption. It is generally not observed to be harmful if you consume a small quantity of the product. It is however advised to consult a physician in case of accidental consumption of excessive quantity or any adverse effects after consumption of the product.


Question: Is this product sugar-free? If yes, then do you add any other sweetener?

Answer: Yes, it doesn't contain any sugar. This product contains a sweetener which is sugar-free.


Question: What should I do if I get a rash or irritation after applying this product?

Answer: Stop using the product and seek immediate medical attention.







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